Some anime festival thingy


I’ve participated in this anime drawing contest this week. The deadline for this contest was today (5th September), but recently I saw a tweet from the organiser (or whatever they’re called) that the deadline was pushed back to the 7th; I submitted my digital copy on the 2nd and the physical copy yesterday, on the 4th.

Further information, it’s part of the Japan Pop Festival, or something like that. Aside from the drawing contest, there’s also the modelling contest – where people make action figures, not modelling – and there’s also the cosplay competition. I had to submit my drawing to this shop called Bou Saleh Hobbies – it’s a shop especially for anime stuff, like action figures and many other things, but sadly there are no actual anime or manga being sold. The action figure sold there looked neat and legit, and I’m pretty sure they were actually imported from Japan. This was later proven to be true because I saw the package for a Persona 4 keychain/figurine and the whole thing was written in Japanese. And frankly enough, I found the package on the internet. The packages at the store looked exactly like this:

There were also Gundam, Naruto, One Piece and many other anime action figures sold there, all in good shapes and quality. The things they mostly sell are action figures, but maybe there were much more that I haven’t seen.ย I’ve also noticed that they also sold drawing equipment, paints and the sorts like that.

Back to the festival, it’s going to be held at the 12th September at the Grand Library… I’m not actually sure about the place’s name but it’s a library, and according to the shopkeeper it’s the “grand library” – pretty sure with capital letters. Thankfully, my dad knows where this library is because it’s near his workplace, in Kuwait City. The shopkeeper also said that there will be mangakas going to the festivals, mangakas from the Gulf region and also from Japan. However, he said he was unsure about the part about the mangakas from Japan. I hope they’ll come.

I want to show my entry to you guys but I’ll post it along with the anime festival pictures later on on the 12th. I’m really pleased with my drawing; I think it was well-made and finished finely, and even if I didn’t win at least people could see my drawing. Since I’ve completely dropped art from my school life, I guess drawing competitions will be one of my favourite pastimes. Anyways, I’ll let you know more about the Japan Pop Festival on the 12th!


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