K-Pop albums/posters reviews


Note: I review with no biased feelings or any hate – I try my best to stay neutral and only comment on the facts.

My sister finally got her K-Pop albums yesterday from her friend. As of now, she has Sistar’s Give It To Me, EXO’s XOXO, 2NE1 EP, signed copy of Girls’ Generation’s Run Devil Run and 4Minute’s signed Volume Up. I’ve seen through all of the albums and here’s what I think of each one:

  1. Give It To Me: The photobook was slotted inside a plastic skin, which made it pretty hard to put back in. The whole thing was the size of a small sketchbook and legitimately looked like a real photobook. The pictures were of the members in burlesque-like setting and clothes. The main setting of the photoshoot seemed to be the backstage, like the dressing room and the behind the stage area, but there are some scenes of the girls on the stage or behind the curtains. Most of the photos are of the girls in same clothes and place but with “different” poses, which I’ll admit was a bit usual. I mean, it’s true that the concept was interesting, but the poses in the photobook was not as much. I’m not sure though, because I’m a girl – maybe the boys would like their poses more. The CD was at the very back; it was black with intricate patterns circling the hole in the middle. The overall presentation of the album was good, I think. 4/5.
  2. XOXO: The album was pretty small, compared to the other ones, and it’s purely made of paper. Genius. Anyways, the book was stylised to look like some kind of year book about the EXO class, complete with class photos, pictures of acticities and other bits and pieces depicting the school life of the EXO boys. What I don’t understand is the scribbles in the book – they look like a 3-year-old had randomly scribbled in the whole book or something, judging by the quality of the colourful scribbles. Along with the childish scribbles were random drawings, mostly of wolves (and there’s also a weird-looking werewolf near the end of the photobook). Drawings aside, the pictures in the photobook looked adorable and domestic, as if EXO was really a class. A really lonely class in a really lonely school. Where are the other students and classes? The CD was located at the back of the book, much like Sistar – it was a white CD with scribbles and stuff on it. Again, pre-school work. But in general, the concept of the album and the quality was satisfying and creative. 4/5.
  3. 2NE1: The album was made of acrylic (or so it looked like it) with a plastic CD holder beneath the thin photobook. The thin photobook had pictures of the members in weird psychedelic rooms and had a geometrical concept to it, as proven in the fashion of the photobook and the patterns and fonts throughout the pages. The pictures were old school – like, old K-Pop style where they didn’t have much make up and there’s not much glamour in their poses and setting. The CD was white with geometrical circles on it – simple, really. There’s not much that I can say about this album because there’s not much in it, really. 2/5.
  4. Run Devil Run: The album case is the typical cheap CD casing you’ll get when buying the Sims 3 CDs or other video games or DVDs. There’s a picture of Yoona’s silhouette at the cover along with some glittering golden dust around her. The first glance of it told me that it held not much interesting parts. Sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover. The photobook was thicker than 2NE1’s by a bit, but the pictures in it were only individual pictures that would take two pages (for one picture, one member) and then a group picture at the back, and I’ve noticed that they were wearing the same clothes and had the same hairstyles for the whole photobook. Most of the things in it were full of lyrics and other messages that I don’t understand. The CD was black with Yoona’s high-heel clad shoe and glittering thingies around it – again, simple. I’m sorry, but there’s not much to look at here. 2/5.
  5. Volume Up: Well, here’s something interesting. The album is large and made of cardboard – about the size of a PS2, but thicker and lighter. The photos were a series of cards in a plastic skin similar to Sistar’s album, with pictures on either sides. And with different poses too! The group had three different concepts in the album: the elegant authority, the vampire and the innocent cuties. It’s a weird combination but at least they gave us a pretty reasonable amount of pictures! There are two group pictures, the elegant authority and the vampires, with lyrics at the back. The CD was small, with pink plastic lining at the side to make it seem like a normal-sized CD. There’s some cute patterns on it, like microphones, hearts and pinwheels. I think the only let-down in the album is the cardboard structure because it breaks easily. 3/5.

Which do you think is the best album out of the five? Which album(s) do you like the least?


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