I’m officially 15!


Guess who’s birthday is today…Mine! Duh! Happy Birthday, me!

And let me tell you one thing – it’s not nice having your “red week” during your birthday. I spent most of the morning being grumpy and pissy and all that period stuff, but I quickly calmed down. Well, ladies’ issues aside, it’s been a pretty good day; my friends and family actually remembered my birthday. Like, actually remembered! I thought they didn’t but then they did some awesome things and yeah, it was awesome – like how my homeroom class sang the birthday song, and then my maths class sang the birthday song, and then I got a sticker from my maths teacher, and then I got a candy from my friend (thanks, Razan!) and when I came home from school, my mum had already made nasi tumpeng (Google that) for me! Yay! Blessed me!

Nice things already said, there’s one thing that really bugged me: I broke Tohoku’s screen.

I know, I know. I’m an idiot. I actually broke it yesterday but I just didn’t want to believe that. And then reality b***h slapped me straight in the face not long after. I can’t say it’s not that bad, because it is that bad; almost half of the screen is dead. There’s this huge crack starting from the near middle bottom up until the far left corner – you can’t imagine the rest. I’m seriously sorry, Tohoku. Now, I’m using Irene again. I really miss her and stuff, but I wish I have Tohoku right now because I’ve transferred most of my stories there…Why the hell did I even do that…? Bottom line is, I want to get Tohoku fixed as soon as possible. The young boy’s been through a lot.

Another good thing is I joined MUN – Model United Nation. It’s this debating thing where the students are the delegates of countries…and…they discuss problems at the debate…uh…like the UN…well, it’s hard to explain. You’ll get it. So it’s like we’re representatives of countries and we’re debating about issues like human rights, environment problems and all of those things, like what people do during UN meetings…or something. I don’t actually know what the UN delegates do during meetings but I assume they scream at each other’s faces. Or maybe they do something else like, I don’t know, play GTA 5? Who knows?

Anyways, I got to be a representative of Guatemala and I’ll be working on the issue of human rights. My brother said that Guatemala’s full of gangs and all those urban stuff but I’m not so sure – I’ll be doing extensive research on Guatemala human rights from now on. Where is Guatemala anyway? I’m pretty sure it’s in Africa, maybe to the north.

Oh, wait – it’s in South America. My bad.

So, yeah! Guatemala! They speak Spanish there and the capital is Guatemala City. It looks like a pretty small country, and from what I see in Google Images, it’s pretty neat and cozy, but who knows? You can’t really judge things by its pictures on Google Images.

I’ve never been on MUN before, or been on any debating events, but I’ll try. My school’s hosting afterschool and break time sessions for those who hasn’t been on MUN and I’ll be doing my best so that I’ll be, uh, marvelous. Yeah! Marvelous! I’m also pretty good at making essays and stuff; maybe that’ll help me somehow.

Phew! So much to tell! I have lots of homework and I feel really tire (I’m always tired) because I keep on sleeping at, like, 11 o’clock at night when I’m supposed to wake up at 6 in the morning. Pray for me – say that you hope I’ll be posting something worth reading!


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