Happy Eid!…Or not…


Happy Eid Adha for every Muslims! It’s yesterday, but hey – the message’s sincere! I’ve been trying to write up some stories ever since the start of my one week holiday, and I’ve also been fasting for ten days – sorry I kind of forgot about the blog. I’ve been meaning to post something but just haven’t been getting around to it. Well…here I am! Yay!

I’m having a get together here in my house and even though it’s nearly 8 at night, it still haven’t stopped! It’s not like I hate the company (which I do, a tad bit, only because the kids are so loud and they make a lot of mess) but if they leave so late at night, then I have to stay up late until they’ve gone home so that I can clean up the house. I mean, who in the world would spill noodles and meatballs on a freaking carpet?! It’s like they’re trying to make Gaga art! And not long ago – I think it was last year – my brother had barfed on the carpet before. That just adds to the aroma.

That aside, I need to announce something: I made an Instagram account! Finally! My friends, parents and sister have been telling me about how awesome it is. At first, I thought that taking random pictures and sending it on the internet is plain dumb, but as soon as I posted a few pics and look at others’ pictures…Ah, so this is how it feels like to be young…I haven’t realised how old I’ve been acting. Like, really old. I spend most of my day reading internet stories and books, and I don’t even go to sleepovers, hangouts or parties.

They should call me GRANDMArookie.

Oh, and another thing: I got a new phone! It’s a yellow Nokia Lumia 625! My dad bought it for me because I did so well in my studies and all. I feel sorry for abandoning Skylar, but Daisy is a really great gadget. Did you know that there’s this app called 6Tag which allows you access to Instagram? That’s actually how I’m using Instagram, because Windows Phone doesn’t have Instagram…yet…or maybe never. Anyways, Daisy’s interface is amazing – the screen’s big and comfortable to use and view and it’s just – ! There’s just many features that are better than Skylar’s!

I may or may not be posting a story tomorrow – I’ve made a reminder on my calendar to tell me to post the story I wrote, so it’s a probability that I might. It’s just a one-shot called Spiders, which is inspired by many blood and gore and detective news articles of the past (yes, I read old news articles on the web – that’s just how old and lame I am). Stay tuned!

Oh, and check my Instagram. You know my username!


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