Revive – “re-vive” or “re-veev”?


So, “revive” – I’ve been having problems saying that word because I just found out that I’ve been pronouncing it wrong for the past years or so. Who knew? Not me. I just wish that there’s a way in which I can know things without learning them – it’s too much of a hassle.

Hey! I haven’t been blogging for a millennium now because you know how I love to procrastinate and stuff. And if you’re reading this, Wendy, I’ll try to go to Facebook and chat. Oh, and Fanninda got her iPod stolen back when we’re still in Indonesia, so that’s why you can’t contact her. She didn’t go on Facebook because she’s been busy with IGCSE mocks and university preparations. Like, wow! Time goes by so fast! Next year, I’ll be doing mocks and then IGCSE exams, though I still feel like a baby.

Up until today, I’ve been doing lots of things, like read books and manga, watch movies and anime, eat, sleep, take a dump, live – you know, the general stuff. I haven’t been reading proper books because there’s this story on the internet which comes in series and they have, like, more than seventy chapters or so, but it’s really addictive.

In addition to that, I’ve decided to watch the 2011 remake of Hunter X Hunter. I watched the 1999 version and, to be honest, that version impressed, scared and annoyed me; it was one of the main highlights of my childhood. I remember watching it with my sister every Sunday morning, because that’s the only time they play anime on this certain channel in Indonesia. There were some major differences between the 1999 and 2011 version, like how there’s no Chimera Ant arc in the 1999 version, but the 1999 version gives more detail in some scenes unlike the 2011 version. One example is at how Kurapika got one of his sword broken from his fight with Hisoka in the Hunter Exam, but in the 2011 version the whole fight scene was totally butchered to just a flashback. And Kurapika still got his swords – he still got it in the Phantom Rouge movie! The most noticeable difference would be the character designs and animation – I prefer the 2011 character designs, even though some completely ruined the original image I had of some characters (e.g.: Shalnark and Machi). To top it off, I dig the 2011 animation! (Duh!)

Nonetheless, love the two versions.

CONFESSION BOOTH: My childhood memory is very hazy so I thought that Kurapika (the blonde one above) was a GIRL, but after watching the 2011 version and reading the manga, it became clear that Kurapika is a BOY. *MINDBLOWN* (My childhood was a lie…-_-)

Aside from Hunter X Hunter, I’ve been reading Oresama Teacher, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), and I’m re-reading D.Gray-Man because I hate waiting and all that shaze. The only anime I’m watching is Hunter X Hunter 2011, though.

I’ll talk about more stuff tomorrow so…yeah…don’t really know what to say…I guess my writing skills are dying…Bottom line: see you later!


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