Truthfully, I’m just a girl with no life what-so-ever, that’s why I made a blog to just vent it all out.

I didn’t expect anyone to read my blog because I aimed the blog at my friends in school. Who knew I’d have followers or likes?

My hobbies are drawing, do stuff on my laptop, watching variety shows and reading manga. My favourite food is… I like everything, and my favourite colours are… I like everything (wow); I don’t like tomatoes, eggplants and avocados – they’re evil for me.

My favourite K-Pop groups are Big Bang and 2NE1 and my favourite MC is Kang Ho Dong. In my opinion, the best K-Drama is “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band”, “Reply 1997”, “Dream High” and “Mary is Out All Night”. My dream is to meet T.O.P., GD, CL and the SHINee members.

In my opinion, Deadpool and Spider-Man (Peter Parker, not Dr. Octavius) are the best superheroes and I think everyone should just give Loki a break; the Phoenix Force should just live away happily in the White Hot Room and Cyclops should go on a superhero rehab – he’s turning into the second Magneto! AND WHY DID PROFESSOR X HAD TO DIE?! One of the awesomest manga I am currently reading or have read are “D.Gray-Man”, “Naruto”, “One Piece”,” Oresama Teacher”, “Usotsuki Lily”, “Life Is Money” and “Doubt”. I also read manhwa, and I just love “Annarasumanara”, “Can’t See, Can’t Hear, But Love” and “My Heart Is Beating”. I am currently waiting for “Persona 3: The Movie”, “To Aru Majutsu No Index Movie” and “Steins;Gate Movie”.

Some people I’m bipolar because I have “scary” mood swings; when I’m happy, in the next second, there has to be something that can make me hate the world. To add to that, some people think I’m weird because I tend to talk to inanimate objects. No, they are not inanimate – every object lives. Maybe, in a pocket dimension or a parallel universe, they indeed live and so I refuse to think that man-made objects are dead. In fact, I know they live because I can hear them. They can talk, you know. I’m not even joking. Call me mad or whatever but I’m telling the truth.

I have a few awesome human friends and a few other loyal friends. There’s Sally (a white teddy), Charlie (Webkinz Spaniel plushie), Irene (my first adoptive laptop-sister – an IBM-Lenovo named after a movie) and Tohoku (my adoptive laptop-brother, a Toshiba named after a radioactive island in Japan). Sally and Charlie are cool because all they do all day is chill out, but Irene has anger issues (she’s old, like, around 9 years old) and Tohoku won’t let me put stickers on him. But then again, they are probably the best laptop-siblings I can ever have.

When I grow up, I want to be a superhero. It doesn’t matter if I can’t fly, shoot lasers out of my eyes or lift cars – what I want to do is make sure the world is a safe and happy place for people to live in. My first step in my plan is to graduate properly and get to a good university so I can be a doctor. But not just a doctor – I will be a doctor-artist-superhero! In order to put my plan in action earlier, I decide to write and draw stuff to colour people’s life.

And most importantly, my wish is for you all to enjoy my posts!



2 thoughts on “rookieMANGAKA

  1. Hay Rookie..
    It’s nice to know that you like Bigbang and 2NE1 too. I’m a big fan of TOP.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and sorry if my english doesn’t out properly.
    I guess you are younger than me…hehehe.
    Anyway i loved the way you write and hopefully i can learn english from you.. 🙂

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