Revive – “re-vive” or “re-veev”?


So, “revive” – I’ve been having problems saying that word because I just found out that I’ve been pronouncing it wrong for the past years or so. Who knew? Not me. I just wish that there’s a way in which I can know things without learning them – it’s too much of a hassle.

Hey! I haven’t been blogging for a millennium now because you know how I love to procrastinate and stuff. And if you’re reading this, Wendy, I’ll try to go to Facebook and chat. Oh, and Fanninda got her iPod stolen back when we’re still in Indonesia, so that’s why you can’t contact her. She didn’t go on Facebook because she’s been busy with IGCSE mocks and university preparations. Like, wow! Time goes by so fast! Next year, I’ll be doing mocks and then IGCSE exams, though I still feel like a baby.

Up until today, I’ve been doing lots of things, like read books and manga, watch movies and anime, eat, sleep, take a dump, live – you know, the general stuff. I haven’t been reading proper books because there’s this story on the internet which comes in series and they have, like, more than seventy chapters or so, but it’s really addictive.

In addition to that, I’ve decided to watch the 2011 remake of Hunter X Hunter. I watched the 1999 version and, to be honest, that version impressed, scared and annoyed me; it was one of the main highlights of my childhood. I remember watching it with my sister every Sunday morning, because that’s the only time they play anime on this certain channel in Indonesia. There were some major differences between the 1999 and 2011 version, like how there’s no Chimera Ant arc in the 1999 version, but the 1999 version gives more detail in some scenes unlike the 2011 version. One example is at how Kurapika got one of his sword broken from his fight with Hisoka in the Hunter Exam, but in the 2011 version the whole fight scene was totally butchered to just a flashback. And Kurapika still got his swords – he still got it in the Phantom Rouge movie! The most noticeable difference would be the character designs and animation – I prefer the 2011 character designs, even though some completely ruined the original image I had of some characters (e.g.: Shalnark and Machi). To top it off, I dig the 2011 animation! (Duh!)

Nonetheless, love the two versions.

CONFESSION BOOTH: My childhood memory is very hazy so I thought that Kurapika (the blonde one above) was a GIRL, but after watching the 2011 version and reading the manga, it became clear that Kurapika is a BOY. *MINDBLOWN* (My childhood was a lie…-_-)

Aside from Hunter X Hunter, I’ve been reading Oresama Teacher, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), and I’m re-reading D.Gray-Man because I hate waiting and all that shaze. The only anime I’m watching is Hunter X Hunter 2011, though.

I’ll talk about more stuff tomorrow so…yeah…don’t really know what to say…I guess my writing skills are dying…Bottom line: see you later!


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Some anime festival thingy


I’ve participated in this anime drawing contest this week. The deadline for this contest was today (5th September), but recently I saw a tweet from the organiser (or whatever they’re called) that the deadline was pushed back to the 7th; I submitted my digital copy on the 2nd and the physical copy yesterday, on the 4th.

Further information, it’s part of the Japan Pop Festival, or something like that. Aside from the drawing contest, there’s also the modelling contest – where people make action figures, not modelling – and there’s also the cosplay competition. I had to submit my drawing to this shop called Bou Saleh Hobbies – it’s a shop especially for anime stuff, like action figures and many other things, but sadly there are no actual anime or manga being sold. The action figure sold there looked neat and legit, and I’m pretty sure they were actually imported from Japan. This was later proven to be true because I saw the package for a Persona 4 keychain/figurine and the whole thing was written in Japanese. And frankly enough, I found the package on the internet. The packages at the store looked exactly like this:

There were also Gundam, Naruto, One Piece and many other anime action figures sold there, all in good shapes and quality. The things they mostly sell are action figures, but maybe there were much more that I haven’t seen.ย I’ve also noticed that they also sold drawing equipment, paints and the sorts like that.

Back to the festival, it’s going to be held at the 12th September at the Grand Library… I’m not actually sure about the place’s name but it’s a library, and according to the shopkeeper it’s the “grand library” – pretty sure with capital letters. Thankfully, my dad knows where this library is because it’s near his workplace, in Kuwait City. The shopkeeper also said that there will be mangakas going to the festivals, mangakas from the Gulf region and also from Japan. However, he said he was unsure about the part about the mangakas from Japan. I hope they’ll come.

I want to show my entry to you guys but I’ll post it along with the anime festival pictures later on on the 12th. I’m really pleased with my drawing; I think it was well-made and finished finely, and even if I didn’t win at least people could see my drawing. Since I’ve completely dropped art from my school life, I guess drawing competitions will be one of my favourite pastimes. Anyways, I’ll let you know more about the Japan Pop Festival on the 12th!


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Anime lover mode: ON!


I’ve realised that I haven’t been talking much about anime and manga, mostly because I can feel myself growing up. Well, I don’t want to grow up because it’s scary. My mum had just gave me that talk about the future – college, moving out, jobs and the probably the scariest thing ever: marriage. Honestly, I can’t imagine myself with someone ten years after now, living in a cozy house with a few children, cooking dinner while waiting for my husband to come home. All I have ever thought about was what subjects I should take to get my PhD in human mind and brain, and what job I should take in the future – preferably something not boring.

okay, so I might have contradicted myself earlier because my first half doesn’t want to grow up but my other half is already a mature enough woman. And that just tears me up because my mature self would always win.

So to feel young again, I’ve decided to review 2 anime’s I began watching.

* * *

I’ve recently started watching this anime called “Cuticle Detective Inaba” and it was so random! Okay, so I found out about this anime from this scanlation website I always go to (because they scan and translate most of the mangas I read) and I decided to read the manga. When I went to Manga Fox, there was only one chapter that was translated so I thought to myself “Okay, let’s try this manga – the summary sounds really epic”. I ended up loving it.

I’m not a really critical marker so maybe I’m being too generous on rating this anime but I really enjoy watching it, maybe because of my weird sense of humour or maybe because I pretty much laugh at everything. I admit that the show has flaws like any other, like some lame jokes thrown in some scenes just for the sake of it, but I think it’s another ingredient to make life seem more lively. What’s the probability that you will meet a goat mafia boss or a werewolf/police dog with a hair fetish? And how the characters exaggerates everyday activities is really refreshing for someone who would choose couch over dates.

“Cuticle Detective Inaba” is just full of idiocy and randomness that will keep you interested. Plus, the storyline of each episodes are just messed up – in a good way – and the characters are very adorable in a crazy way. I just love how Kei is the only “normal” guy among all the other characters and I fins Yuuta’s sadism really entertaining; Inaba is a very lovable police dog, packed full of cute, cool and WTH, and Ogino loves his daughter so much that he doesn’t notice his wife (I mean, really?!). And though he’s not all that popular, I really like Lorenzo because of his ridiculousness…and his sack head. Hey, I like the other characters too! Don Valentino’s the greatest mafia boss ever – yes,ย ever!ย He should be the president or something!

Then again, your taste may not be the same as mine but if it is, then I would recommend this anime.

* * *

The other anime is “Sword Art Online”. I think most of you will agree that this anime is awesome, especially for game geeks or tech geeks. My friends had been talking about it a lot and one day I’ve decided to check it out for myself. They were right – it was addictive!

The storyline is kind of expected. I mean, it’s a good story but how many we’re-trapped-in-an-evil-video-game-slash-artificial-reality stories can you find? I know some (“Tron” is one of them). To add to that, it’s an RPG (not that I hate it – it’s just expected considering where the story is going). And the actions in some scenes were cliche-ish, like fight scenes where the main character gets to look like the only strong one out of the group. But I think the flaws got easily covered up with the characters and artwork. The characters in the anime may be what you’ll expect in a shounen anime but there will always be something that would make them special. As for the artwork I personally grade it as one of my favourites. The animation’s also great throughout all the episodes and you don’t simply find that in any anime; some anime animations are like as if the animators were only copy and pasting images from manga but coloured and that just aggravates me.

I know I said that the characters weren’t that bad but that doesn’t mean I really like them. No. I think they’re cliche. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a douchy reviewer (really, I don’t plan on being one) but the characters are just…I can predict what they’re going to do before they even think. In “Cuticle Detective Inaba”, the characters are unpredictable and that’s what makes me anticipate the nest episode and so on but “Sword Art Online” characters are what you would expect in this kind of anime. Especially the girls. I dislike most girls in anime’s because they are either potrayed as accidental moe characters or strong but weak at the same time. I repeat: my taste may not be the same as yours so bear in mind that I am pretty twisted in terms of certain things, mainly entertainment, art and the future

But I like some characters, like Klein! Klein’s like the bestest friend anyone can have when you’re trapped in an evil RPG! I mean, he’s like a brother but a friend! I wish he’s real because he’ll be like Junpei Iori from “Persona 3” but not as sulky and childish.

So if you’re looking for a classic shounen game related anime, this is the anime for you!

* * *

…And that’s the end of my rant. You don’t need to read it, really, because most of the things said were purely my opinion and most of the things I say wouldn’t make sense to most people. But thanks for reading if you did, anyway. See you next time!


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