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Nightmares…bring inspirations.


Okay, first things first – Irene was being a big b***** and somehow managed to go berserk and delete everything. Second – school is also a big b*****. I can’t wait to finish up with school, including college, and finally have time to spare for writing. Once I have Irene fixed, my the stories that I was writing were…You know, what? I don’t even want to talk about Irene. Weirdly enough, I’m using her right now and she’s being awfully quiet. She usually zaps me and all, but now she’s just letting me talk bad about her in front of her face. Maybe Irene is getting old and sick.

Anyways, what I want to say is that I had a nightmare. Well, I’m not sure if you’d call it a nightmare, but it was damn scary. Okay, then – it was a nightmare. I can still remember the last moments of the dream so vividly. It was just so clear that I decided to draw out the figures in the dream before I forget, and now I’m pretty sure my drawing’s cursed.

Okay, so here’s what I remembered: I was in the living room, just lazing around, with my mum and my baby brother. Suddenly, the room turned dark, like the clouds were blocking the sun. I looked out the window and saw black figures. They wore really black robes that covered them from head to toe – for better explanations, you know those abaya that Arab ladies wear? Yeah, it was similar to that, but without the face covering. They had long arms and I could see the spindly hands poking out from their sleeves – their arms were unnaturally long, though, not proportional to their height, but not that long. They just stood outside the window. Just, stood there, as if they were standing on the ground. That was extremely odd because we live in the third floor, and right outside the window is a usually busy road. Then, I found out that these figures were dancing; they were twirling around, making the thin yet opaque material of their robe swish around in the wind like it was in slow motion. That was when I started to notice their faces.

White faces, with circular red eyes and a Cheshire Cat grin. I just can’t get the image out of my head. They just danced around in the wind, like they were in a funeral party. I exclaimed to my mum that there were creepy floating people just outside the window, but my mum just replied aggressively to me. “Stop talking bulls***! There’s nothing outside!”, she said. It seemed like I was the only person who saw them. I just kept on watching them, captivated but frightened by their mannerism, and their faces especially. And then I locked eyes with one of them. Its red-eyes gaze felt so real, I could still feel the paralysing effect on me even after I woke up. It was scaring me very much, like I just saw a bloody murder, but I couldn’t look away. I was extremely frightened, and yet something made me stay and look at the haunting red eyes.

Then the scene cuts to a busy road. I was in a black car (everything about the car was black – the seats, the dashboard, but I can still look out the windows clearly, so I’m guessing the windows weren’t tinted) and there were other anonymous passengers with me. There were other cars and buses on the road, and it was pouring. We reached an intersection where thee roads met. I saw them again. This time, though, there was only one of them. It was also dancing, seemingly unaffected by the rain, since its robes still billowed out like it did outside the window. I told the driver that there was a strange woman in the middle of the road, but the driver responded angrily at me.ย “Stop talking bulls***! There’s nothing outside!”, he said. He had the same aggressive tone as my mum. No one seemed to acknowledge the figure, but I can clearly tell that all vehicles and my driver was avoiding it like it was dangerous – the intersection became like a makeshift roundabout. Our car drove past it. And then I locked eyes with it. I can’t stop looking at the eyes. Even when the figure was behind our car, I craned my neck and turned around just to watch the red orbs fade into the distance. The strange thing is that whenever I lock eyes with one of them, they would stop dancing and just stand there, as if they were captivated by my stare too. My dream ends here, when I got woken up by my alarm.

I’m not bulls****ing you or anything – I did have this dream. Here is my drawing of the black figure:


I decided not to finish it because I think it’ll curse the drawing. Trust me – this is all real.

And even though I’m scared to sleep now, I’m planning to use this experience as a writing material. How about that? Overcoming you fears by writing.

Have you had any scary nightmares? Have you ever had any nightmares, in fact?


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