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A school poem


I underestimated Year 10 – I nearly have no time to satisfy my fun meter. One day has five lessons, and the teachers would give homework every lesson, which will be due on the next time I have the lesson. Now, I think you know where this is going. So as to say sorry, I decided to summarise how tiring and tough it is at school. Enjoy!



Fumbling and grumbling for my textbooks

In heavy bags – rigid and enough to make me swoop

Backwards until my head touches the dingy floor;

Oh, look! Students’ shoes, all polished and sore.


The clock drags numbers and words around,

Taking the air, and my eyes flutter down

Is the lesson finished? I dare not to ask,

For teachers watch, hawk-like, from their nests, up high.


Summer, summer – they would never go;

Students sigh – ice creams and water bottles,

The bell rings – quick! We have to go!

“Mum! Dad! The tortures are finally over!”


“Now, now, child. Don’t get too excited!

“No TVs, no laptops, no musics or rainbows!

“Homework! Finish them properly and diligently!

“And when you’re finished, then study trigonometry!”

Is your school life like this?


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Christmas Eve


As some kind of “pleased-to-meet-you” sort of greeting (and also for Christmas’ sake), I’ll present to you a poem I’ve just came up with.

Night lights bright in the empty black canvas
As we walk hand in hand through a forest of jolly excitement
The ground was frozen and the air ice-white mist
But the candle inside us kept us warm and awake

They opened the bright, glittering boxes wrapped in coloured feelings
Tucked under the tree, to find toys and other things from ‘him’
Some hated their share and sulked in the corner, alone
Really? Gifts are priceless when my sweet darling is here

Midnight is an inch away; it’s time to go home
‘Will we meet again?’ she asked, eager but forlorn
I answered, ‘Tomorrow, I suppose, to watch the world light up
in a magnificent colour and all cheer in joy, alas!

It might suck, I know; it’s my first Christmas poem. Bear with it! Christmas is all about sharing… right?

Enjoy your Christmas Eve with joy and greet Christmas with love. Wish you a Merry Christmas!


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