For more info: rookieMANGAKA

I’m rookieMANGAKA – you might be wondering on what I do on my blog. Well, I write short stories and draw things that I like and for your information, I only do things I like; I don’t listen to people I don’t like.

Anyways, The stories I post will be on random times and definitely on special occasions/holidays and there might be a picture(s) that go along with it. I’ll be posting something every time I have the chance so if you’re lucky, maybe that’s the day where I’ll post an awesome story!

Since I like listening to others, I’d like you to leave comments and suggestions on improving my work. Just so you’ll know, I can’t take criticism…

Also, you can request on a story or tell me an interesting story that you would like for me to make a story about. I could also draw a picture of it and post it so you could see. And you’ll have to admit that I’m a way better artist than my sister (hehehe).

Oh! And if you have any news about manga, anime, K-Pop or K-Drama, feel free to tell me since I’m sometimes busy and have no time to check the news. I’ll be looking forward on blogging!


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